Welcome to Meriden Off Road

We are Triumph Tiger Cub specialists, we carry out all types of work including

  • Cylinder Head Reconditioning
  • Aluminum Welding to Fins
  • Engine Rebuilds*
  • Crank Rebuilds
  • Paintwork
  • Complete Rebuilds from Parts
  • Parts Supply
  • All Types of Repair Work
  • Welding
  • Frame Alterations
  • Bespoke Bike Building
  • Electronic Ignitions Fitted

*Regards engine rebuilds we will strip your engine and re build it for £250. You may book an appointment and are welcome to observe while your motor is striped and the faults are diagnosed. Once the fault is identified we can quote you there and then.

Fork Sliders – New For 2014

Fork Sliders are currently being made for 1963 onwards B&C Range Bonerville and Tiger Cub models. They come powder coated in black.

Part numbers 971842 and 971843.

Made to Triumphs original drawings and CNC made. £90.00 each and available from the end of September 2014.

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We where at Newark show ground yesterday and a spitfire gave us a show it was a fantastic thing to see and the noise from that merlin engine!!! Another trader managed to get a video so I will post it when I get it but it looked like this one?? ...

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This is David's bike, he got him self a new morgo HO NO ITS A MORGO!!!! this is the one that blew the gasket and was covering us all in smoke at the NMM, it was wet sumping and the kick start pawl let go so i have to have this bike back for some warranty work although the pump is not covered by me as its not my pump, any one who now has a motor built by me will have to have a new pump, if you use any other then i cant give any sort of warranty with the motor, Your bike is ready David and its not smoking now with a new pump fitted, lets hope that David can get some trouble free riding now the morgo has gone, i cant believe how this bike has not melted down as the oil flow had gone so slow and when i operate the pump by hand it has no resistance what so ever it was just pumping nothing and filling the crank case with oil, i have been told that the morgo pump work on some engines ? some is no good!!! as you can see this is now the 2nd time i have had this motor down with this pump and if it did melt the motor would ho no its morgo sort the motor out for you??? i would bet a big fat NO!! As any company who spends Nealy 2 years getting it right!! as they say! and when they find out i have got new pumps they put there's on the market working or not and wast my time and the customers time and the customers money, I fit a new pump and drive machine the crank case and fit it for the same as you can buy a pump and drive from them, and more to the point it works just as Edward Turner intended it to, They ran cub motors on test beds for days and used as many new motors as they needed to to get this pump right, now none of us have 50 motors to blow up and melt down, so this pump i sell will remain the best one you could ever fit as a run round a field to test a new pump is no good or is it just testing on one motor, ...

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