Welcome to Meriden Off Road

We are Triumph Tiger Cub specialists, we carry out all types of work including

  • Cylinder Head Reconditioning
  • Aluminum Welding to Fins
  • Engine Rebuilds*
  • Crank Rebuilds
  • Paintwork
  • Complete Rebuilds from Parts
  • Parts Supply
  • All Types of Repair Work
  • Welding
  • Frame Alterations
  • Bespoke Bike Building
  • Electronic Ignitions Fitted

*Regards engine rebuilds we will strip your engine and re build it for £250. You may book an appointment and are welcome to observe while your motor is striped and the faults are diagnosed. Once the fault is identified we can quote you there and then.

Fork Sliders – New For 2014

Fork Sliders are currently being made for 1963 onwards B&C Range Bonerville and Tiger Cub models. They come powder coated in black.

Part numbers 971842 and 971843.

Made to Triumphs original drawings and CNC made. £90.00 each and available from the end of September 2014.

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I am so pleased i have decided to let you follow the cats plight as this is the last time they will have kittens, Mary come back from the vets and they say they want to keep one of my cats as it will go to a good home with its 2 kittens, well the only home for a wild cat is in the wild. This cat comes to me when it wants a fuss and when its had enough it walks off, it will not let you pick it up it just don't like it. It look me months to get this cat to come to me, the only threat this cat has is these vets in the wood with traps, they have cut the end of the ear off 2 of our cats so they can tell that they have had them as with females they cant tell from the out side and they dont want to operate on them twice, i under stand all this but i dont want my cats to have 1/2 a ear, i want them to micochip them, And as far as this cat getting a better home its home is in the wild just like all cats big or small and no one is going to convince me any different, if it was born in captivity then thats different but it was not, When we go there they dont want us to see them and i dont like this!!! I dont like any of it but i was willing to cooperate as i think this is the best thing for them, The vet seems ok when i am there but the nurse seems to think that cats have to be in the house all the time, well i have seen these house cats and they are all to fat to catch a mouse, My cats are fit and alive they are wired and alert not 1/2 dead like a house cat. The bit of trust i had in them has gone now, ...

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2 very small kittens i have to ring the vet this morning to ask if they are still alive.The vet seems to think they die of starvation as none of the mother cats are giving much milk, well i have done my best with them there is no more i can do so lets see what the experts have to say, they tell me.The ones i have managed to keep alive are all very healthy and well looked after, you would never believe they are wild cats they are so friendly even with the vets!!, mind you things will change when they try giving crimbo any thing by mouth !!! she is the most placid cat you have ever seen but try and give it medicine and it turns in to the most savage cat you have ever seen,lol the black cat has just had the chop he seems ok with it but the females keep having a look lol. ...

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